Sunday, June 7, 2009

vow to be healthy

We ate so much food this weekend. On Friday Nate and I went on our first official date, a double, with Elise and Dain, to outback. They all get steak, and I got this yummy chicken with mushrooms (not quite as yummy), cheese and bacon on top. A boy that Nate and Dain knew was our waiter so he brought us a free icecream dessert. We went back to the boys and watched a movie, North by Northwest and ate more icecream and shakes.

Saturday, the two of us went up the canyon and found a little fire pit. We cooked bratwurst, and I stuffed myself with 2, then we made s'mores. The canyon was beautiful and always makes me really appreciate Utah's natural beauty. We watched the Return of the Jedi back at Nate's and first he just made a fruit smoothie, but then later he made a s'more milkshake too (which was sooo good) but i felt so fat after eating so much.

Last night, we just shared a bowl of icecream, while watching the Brave Little Toaster

We've decided we can't eat like that anymore. So starting today, we're not going to eat junk food every 5 minutes. We're gonna eat healthy, and eat less.

Here are a couple cute pictures.


Claire said...

Oh dang. Who's a cute couple?
Aimee and Nate are a cute couple, a BEAUTIFUL couple.
And they do fun things that I wish I could do too.
Love you, miss you, wanna see you.
I have lovely, lovely updates.

Janthony-Garrett said...

So you're switching to junk every 10 minutes instead, right?

Can we hang out with your cute faces soon?

Ali & Scott said...

Aimee Aimee Aimee! It was a blast spending time with you two the other night. Scott said I ignored about 3/4 of the bad. I needed my Aimee time! When can we hang out? I think Scott and I are going camping this weekend (so fun...) but i am free before then. I am starting school in a week or so. Maybe we can rendezvous (sp?) on campus!!!!???? Love you. Miss you.